KST Coatings

Kool Seal Premium 10-Year White Elastomeric Roof Coating


Formulated with 100% acrylic elastomeric resin. The coating forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection that expands and contracts with roofs. It remains flexible from -30 deg. F. to 160 deg. F. for long-lasting protection and provides superior reflectivity to lower interior temperatures and save energy. Designed to be durable in any climate. Helps absorb sound. Higher solids for better coverage. Environmentally compliant. Recommended for metal, concrete, urethane and polystyrene foam, brick, flat and barrel cement tiles, and aged aluminum coatings. You must use Kool Seal Kool-Lastik Primer, model No. 34-600, if applying to the following surfaces: Built-up roofs, modified bitumen, bonded tar and gravel, rolled roofing, most other asphaltic surfaces, and in ponding water situations. Cured elastomeric film is mildew and algae-resistant. For use on a properly drained roof. Soap and water clean up – while wet. Reflects 90% + of the sun’s rays and has energy savings up to 35%.

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